• Laboratories: Pharmacognosy and Pharma Bio.
  • Microphotography for microscopical featuries of crude drugs.
  • Available all crude drugs mentioned in syllabus.
  • Education through charts, album and models.
  • Crude drug profiles of 100 drugs.
  • TLC, preparative TLC & paper Chromatography.
  • Isolation of pure compounds and extractions.
  • More than 100 crude drugs procured from different regions of India.
  • CCD camera, camera Lucida for studies of microscopic parameters.
  • Standardization of herbal drugs.
  • A well developed medicinal garden.

Herbal Garden

  • More than 100 well labeled medicinal plants grown
  • Proper protection of garden by fencing
  • Well decorated with flowers.

Herbarium Cum Museum

  • Incharge: Prof. Rajesh Kumar
  • 80 crude drugs, 50 plant specimens, photographs of medicinal plants, Medical plant album, 50 crude drug rofiles.
  • Display of different dosage forms & cosmetics
  • Display of packaging materials.


Why Seth G. L. Bihani S. D. College of Technical Education

Grooming leaders who are not only thorough professionals but also good human beings with values.

19+Years of Education Experience

    Seth G. L. Bihani S. D. College of Technical Education (Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Drug Research) was established in the session 2000-2001 under the patronage of its parent body G.L. Bihani, S.D. Shiksha Trust.


    Gaganpath, Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan 335001


    0154-246 6777